Lee Priest Discusses His No Nonsense Approach To Bodybuilding & Criticizes Body Type Categories

The outspoken bodybuilding icon has gained praise for his recent video discussing his views on body types and training. 
If you’ve studied some kind of sports degree or read-up about bodybuilding, then you’ll definitely have come across the 3 different body-types; ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
In fact, the first thing many people do, before they begin training, is try and place themselves into a certain category. They’ll then formulate a workout and diet plan based on this, but Lee Priest has absolutely slated this approach to bodybuilding.

“You’re just fucking human. Forget endomorph, ectomorph…who gives a f**k”

Whether you like the Australian or not, you have to admit he’s pretty entertaining to watch. He just speaks his mind and you have to appreciate some of the things that come out of his mouth – as well as the fact that he sculpted an incredible physique.

In a recent video, Lee said this about the different types of physique:

“Out of all the humans in the world, you think that there’s just 3 categories? And if you’re eating and doing cardio, training and not losing weight, then you’re not eating fucking correctly are you?!.
Simple as that. If you’re eating clean, doing cardio and training, then you’d lose weight. Simple. So either train harder, do more cardio or diet stricter. Don’t blame it on your fucking body type.
“If you’re like ‘well I can’t do that because I’m an endomorph’ or ‘I can’t gain muscle because I’m an ectomorph’ then f*ck off. Stop being a d*ckhead, and don’t count your macros either.
“I never once, when I started bodybuilding, or anyone that I ever knew, ever related to related to themselves as ectomorphs and endomorphs and mesomorphs and all this sort of sh*t. No-one ever did.
“It’s only f*cking lately over the years, this new-age sh*t comes in with that and macros and all this b*llshit. And I’ve noticed everyone that talks like that and follows sh*t like that looks like f*cking sh*t.
So get back to the f*cking basics and get that sh*t out of your head. Train hard. Diet hard – if you want to lose weight, cardio hard. And just shut the f*ck up with all that bullsh*t.”

Lee Priest speaking in the video by Sam Fitness

Lee Priest encourages hard-working approach without needing to know physiology behind everything

So you know that Lee doesn’t agree with the body type categories. But he also doesn’t like bros that talk about the exact physiology of bodybuilding too – unless they’re an academic, medical professional or scientist.
Instead, Lee encourages his fans to just lift weights and perform the exercises that are proven to work.
He continued:
“You’re not a scientist, or you’re not a doctor, you don’t need to know the long head of the tricep, the outer head, the inner head. Just know that it’s part of your arm and go f*cking train it. Simple as that.
“Like your legs. You don’t need to know the vastus medialis or the outer quad, inner quad. Just f*cking squat and do leg press, you’ll work all the muscles, okay?
“F*cking get over it, saying ‘well Lee, how do I work this part of my bicep in here, or the outside of my bicep’. I don’t know, just f*cking go train your bicep, do barbell curls, do dumbbell curls, do preacher curls. You’re gonna train the whole f*cking arm.”

What Do You Think?

It’s always interesting to hear the thoughts of bodybuilders who have ‘been there’ and ‘got the t-shirt’. But we’re sure that not every bro will agree with Lee Priest’s views.
So let us know your thoughts in the comments section below👇

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