Kevin Levrone Is Looking INCREDIBLE Preparing For Arnold Classic Australia 2018

The IFBB Hall of Famer looks to be in peak condition to end his competitive career on a high-point. 
No-one can deny that Kevin Levrone is a legend of the sport. You only need to look at his competitive history, spanning over 2 decades and boasting countless trophies, to know this.
In fact, he held the record of the most wins as an IFBB Pro until 2004…when a certain Ronnie Coleman took over, which isn’t a bad guy to only be beaten by.
He’s made a few comebacks to the stage since hanging his boots up initially in 2003, but 2018 looks set to be his final appearance as a competitive bodybuilder. And he’s looking stacked and shredded for it, bro.

Aiming to add to his past Arnold Classic victories

In case you’re unaware, Kevin Levrone is no new-comer to the competition. He was crowned as the champion in 1994 and 1996, so he’ll definitely be looking to finish his career with a bang.
If you’ve been following him on social media, then you’ll know that he’s not messing around. Kevin has dedicated all of his time to preparing himself, so it’s going to be f*cking awesome to see him at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018.
In a recent post, Kevin Levrone wrote:
“See you in Columbus @arnoldsports. I’m not competing, just being honored on stage alongside all other previous winners on Saturday night. I’ll be at the Sunday morning seminar alongside Arnold and previous champions. Guys, it will be a short trip for me – in and out within 24 hours. ASAP still preparing for @arnoldsportsau.”

Looking In Peak Condition

If you compare pictures of Kevin’s size in his peak years and his recent Instagram posts, you won’t see much difference in size. Taking into consideration that he’s in his 50’s, his conditioning is f*cking impressive too, bro.
He posted a video of himself flexing yesterday, and he’s looking more vascular and stacked than ever!
Take a look:


Will Kevin Levrone take home the trophy?

The Arnold Classic Australia isn’t an easy competition to win. This year, it features the likes of Cedric McMillan and Dennis Wolf, both of whom have previously placed 1st in the Arnold Classic USA in the past.
Not only that, previous 212 Arnold Classic champion, Hidetada Yamagishi will also be there too. So Kevin Levrone hasn’t chosen the easiest competition as his final show – especially as most of the other competitors are in their prime.
That’s no disrespect to the bodybuilding legend either. He’ll accept that he’s in his 50’s and will find it difficult to take home the trophy. But regardless, he’s already cemented his place in the IFBB Hall of Fame among other icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Do you think Kevin Levrone has a chance of winning the Arnold Classic Australia 2018? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below👇

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