Beginners: Don’t Train Your Arms Until You Can Do These 3 Exercises

Here are a few arm exercises to help skinny guys get big arms fast. Everybody knows that the most noticeable body part when it comes to muscle building, are the arms. What do gym buddies do when they first time meet? They flex their biceps in the mirror beside each other just to compare who has the bigger GUNS. So rest assured, if you do want to get noticed, you’re going to have to build a pair of “reasonable” looking arms.

1- The Preacher Curls

This is the ultimate bicep exercise one can ever do. Some might detest to this just because it’s an isolation type of workout. Isolations are not always bad. Just make sure you perform some compound workouts before getting to this. But frankly speaking, this exercise will REALLY help you to focus all your energy, blood, and oxygen into your biceps to lift the weights. The way it positions the body with the seat and armrest tied together will lockout any other motion, except your arms. For this exercise, going for heavy sets and slow reputations will definitely BLAST your GUNS through the roof!

2- Triceps Pushdown

This exercise is a favorite to many in the gym, just because they can show off how strong they are by being able to lift super heavy weights with this particular exercise. The only reason behind the surprisingly heavy weights is because… they are lifting THE WRONG WAY. Most people tend to use their own body weight by leaning to the front just so they can push the weights down. But if you start pushing using the proper form, this is one of the fastest workouts you can progress in that adds visible gains to your arms.

3- Reverse EZ Bar Curls

This exercise is a real killer (just in the beginning of course). What does it do? It gives you the main ingredient that completes the entire arm, which is your FOREARM. Many people neglect the size or look for this body part; therefore giving them a disproportionate look, seeing how their biceps look triple the size of their forearms! This exercise focuses on the contraction of your brachialis muscle. Developing this muscle will give your arms the appearance of having much more mass (you won’t believe how much this affects your appearances with others around you).

But remember, lifting super heavy weights with these exercises will not get you anywhere if you have bad form. Do it right and progress through each of them gradually. Just by applying this 3 arm exercises will definitely get any skinny guy to turn heads around in no time!


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