7 Steps How to Increase Muscle Growth

7 Steps How to Increase Muscle Growth

Before you actually start bodybuilding you should decide what you want to do.

A few years ago I made the mistake of just jumping in and working out with no end in mind. I wound up wasting my time, even though there were some gains they were not enough for me and the funny thing is I did not even know what it was I wanted.

I heard a saying once, it went like this: “The road to somewhere goes to a town called nowhere”. To you and me this means that if we go to the gym without knowing what it is that we want to get out of it, we wont get anywhere.

There is a technique that will guarantee that you will build more muscle on your body if you stick to it, so here it is (I actually can’t guarantee it because 99% of the results depend on YOU).

1. Create a Plan

By a plan I mean you need a workout program that you will follow, you can get a program anywhere for free but try to research it first, you don’t want to get a bad program for yourself(rippetoes program is said to be good for beginners). I would not recommend buying a program at some random place, first you should find out what you will be paying for.

2. Follow Your Plan “Every Day”

I put every day in quotes because the program might be something like 4 days a week and that means that you have to follow it every work out day.

Do not try to change what is written in the program, its like the bible, you have to do everything that it says like a religious zealot. Of course you wont always be able to follow it, sometimes you will have to change your plans cause it’s a part of life, the important thing is that you stick to it.

Eventually you will have to make tweaks to the program that will suit your specific needs, maybe replace a certain exercise with another. But beginners should just stick to what is already there.

3. Decide

Decide what you want to get, be specific, for example “I want to gain 20 lbs of lean muscle mass” (9 kgs according to what I checked on the calculator).

you will feel more excited by something more specific, try to avoid vague description like “I want to gain more weight”, that weight might wind up being 10 lbs of fat and being an ectomorph wont save you from it, I had some extra fat on me for about a year and usually I was always skinny.

4. Set a Date

Set yourself a deadline, this is critical, competitive bodybuilders have a set date for when they will be at a competition, they do everything they can to get to peak physical state.

what you have to decide is “I want to gain 20 lbs of lean muscle mass in 3 months” and set the exact date for it. try no to set any surreal date like “I want to gain 100 lbs by next week”, that is just not going to happen.

In case you didn’t know the pros always have to meet a deadline when they must get ready for a competition, this plays a part in their success.

5. What is the Reason

You need to know why you want to do it. Do you want to go to turn heads at the beach? Do you want the girls to pay more attention to you? maybe you already have a girlfriend and you want to impress her.

You need a reason to drive you to your goal, without it you will get tired of going to the gym and end up paying a monthly gym fee and sit in front of the tube all day.

6. Write It All Down

This might come as a surprise to you but there is a chance that in a few weeks you will forget what it is you wanted to achieve. The best way that is guaranteed to keep you from ever forgetting your goals is to write EVERYTHING down on a piece of paper.

You should keep the piece of paper in a place where you will see it every day, maybe the door on the inside of your room, or the fridge if you go there a lot.

7. Track Your Progress

You must write down what you do in order to be able to actually measure your results. How many reps did you do? How many sets did you do? How much weight are you lifting?

You have to be able to lift heavier weights every week, if you are lifting the same weights you will continue to do that for the next few months and you will not get anywhere.


Source : http://ift.tt/2FEHQhI


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