Protein After Workout – What is the Optimal Amount Needed?

You already know that protein is essential for your muscular system and should be present in your diet, especially before and after workouts. The actual dilemma here is what is the optimal amount protein that your body needs. Although the results are mainly depending on the food we eat before training. But the amount of protein taken after your training also plays a giant role especially for muscle recovery and the muscle mass formation.

Scientific insights

Everybody has a different training goal, different body type, but the most important essential here is that every organism functions differently. That’s why there are personalized diet and training with the containing optimal amount of protein. Anyway, according to latest researchers show that in general everyone needs at least 40 g of protein after training in order to gain the optimal muscular form.

In one of these studies, participants were divided according to body weight and were given 20 and 40 g of whey protein after two full training sessions. The results showed that regardless of body weight, participants who consumed 40 g of whey protein had 20% better protein synthesis in their muscles after the exercise, then those who took 20 g of protein.

This has been the firs research in this field, but the results are pretty obvious – you want to increase your muscle mass, the optimal amount you should consume is 40 g of protein after every training session.

What’s the most effective way of consuming 40 g pure protein?

Whey protein and chicken steaks is clearly the most reliable way of consuming pure protein in your system, but ,as we already know ,it is certainly good to make changes in your diet from time to time.

– 200 g  salmon + 1 cup quinoa + some broccoli

– a cup low fat milk + ½ cup of low fat yogurt +  a dose of whey protein + а tablespoon of almond butter  + 1 banana

– a cup low fat sour cream + a dose of whey protein + ½ cup blueberries

– 200 g chicken breasts + a cup of brown rice + 2 cups chopped kale

– 200 g beef joint + 1 sweet potato + 2 tablespoons pesto

– 100 g tuna + ½ cup beans + 2 cups chopped spinach +5 sherry tomatoes


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