Jay Cutler and Kai Greene Pay Homage To Kevin Levrone Ahead of Arnold Classic [VIDEO]

Jay Cutler and Kai Greene Pay Homage To Kevin Levrone Ahead of Arnold Classic

The Maryland Muscle Machine is feeling emotional from the support he’s received from IFBB past champions.
Kevin Levrone is already a legend of bodybuilding. His name is cemented in the IFBB Hall of Fame, alongside the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, so there can be no arguments against this.
Even so, Kevin has decided to end his competitive career (again) by appearing at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018.

Kevin Levrone recently released a video saying:

“Sitting in my hotel room and I’m just cruising through Instagram, and I see these videos that these great IFBB champions have sending me.
“Wishing me good luck, and come here to support me and the fans around the world. So thank you, Jay [Cutler]. And thank you, Kai [Greene].
“You know, this is my last show, you know, and It can get pretty emotional.
“I just want to say thank you to the love and support that the IFBB has shown me throughout my career. It means the world to me.”

Jay Cutler Sent Kevin A Personal Message

Jay Cutler is another legend of the sport that rubbed shoulders with Kevin Levrone at the Mr. Olympia shows.
But while they were competitors on stage, they remain great friends.

Here’s what Jay sent Kevin:

“So I’m catching the flight to Melbourne today, and I’m gonna go see my boy, Kevin Levrone, who is a huge, huge inspiration and supporter of my career since early on.
“He’s gonna come compete for the last time, this is his last ever time.”

Kai Greene’s Video of Support

While Kai Greene never earned a Mr.Olympia trophy, his incredible physique has still earned him a place in the bodybuilding history books.

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He’s another athlete that wished Kevin Levrone well on his last-ever appearance on stage.

Here’s what ‘The Predator’ said:

“Right this day, today, the Arnold Classic is gonna be whatsup. I’m sending a special shout-out to my boy, Kevin Levrone, representing us
“Gotta say good luck man, best of luck. Today’s your day man, peace.”

Source : http://ift.tt/2pfMMCP

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