Did Dexter Jackson Have A Torn Bicep At The Arnold Classic Australia 2018?

Dexter Jackson’s left bicep seemed off on stage at the Arnold Classic Australia.

Roelly Winklaar shocked the world at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018 this weekend with a win over not only Arnold Classic champ William Bonac – but the master Dexter Jackson as well. And while Roelly was surely on point and deserves his win, there was something off about Dexter when he stepped up on stage.

It was his left bicep, which looked soft and completely undefined compared to his right. While no official statement has been made the rumor mill is already turning. Is this a torn bicep? It certainly looks like it might be – and after years of Dexter being injury free in such a high stress sport for the body… perhaps time is finally catching up with him.

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So what do YOU think? Is this a bicep tear? And if so – could this spell the end of Dexter’s career at such a late stage of his bodybuilding life? Let us know in the comments below! We certainly wish for the best for The Blade.

Source : http://ift.tt/2GAtHCB

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