Meet The ‘Brazilian Hulk’: Bruno Moraes

Meet The ‘Brazilian Hulk’: Bruno Moraes

There seems to be a ‘Hulk’ in every country, and now Brazil have their own representative. 
As bodybuilding gains popularity, there’s always going to be more and more people getting as big as a motherf*cker. South Korea have their ‘Korean Hulk’, and now it seems like one has been unearthed in South America too.
Meet Bruno Moraes, the man dubbed as ‘The Brazilian Hulk’.

Bruno ‘Brazilian Hulk’ Moraes

There isn’t actually much information about this guy available. Apart from the workout motivation videos on him on YouTube, we couldn’t find out his age or anything else.
As a result, it doesn’t seem likely that Bruno Moraes is an IFBB Pro or competitive bodybuilder. So for a guy who doesn’t compete, he’s pretty f*cking stacked, brah.
Don’t get us wrong though, compared to the mass giants that step on the Mr. Olympia stage, Bruno Moraes isn’t anything special. Still, the internet seems to have endeared themselves to him, giving him his ‘Brazilian Hulk’ title.
He’s probably a better guy to put in the limelight than the Brazilian synthol brothers to be fair…

Almost 700k Followers On Instagram

We mentioned that Bruno Moraes isn’t an easy guy to find online. However, we did manage to find his Instagram profile, where he boats 670k followers (at the time of writing).
Now, we don’t speak Portuguese, but it’s clear to see that Bruno Moraes uses his big following to advertise numerous different supplements.
Fair play to the guy, but he’s probably on something more than just protein powder and creatine…

Life Advice

As well as being a huge motherf*cker, Bruno Moraes seems to fancy himself as a life coach too.
He often provides free motivational speeches on his Instagram posts, mentioning the ‘balance between body and mind’ among other things.

Here’s one of Bruno Moraes’ inspirational speeches:

“Bodybuilder in my point of view: balance between body and mind. If the two do not walk together, there is no pre-workout that will solve.
“A unique lifestyle, unlike any other sport. It is not enough to have the gift, it is necessary to be “strong”, I am not speaking of the physical type or stereotype, I speak of the internal force, the will to overcome, to overcome oneself every day, to feel pain, hunger, fatigue, and even fear.
Fear? It is a friend, we all have fears, the victorious and the failed, the strong and the weak, and what sets them apart is how they deal with this fear.
“So do not give up on the first obstacle, face the fear and its ghosts, exorcise them, expel all negative force that insists on surrounding you, face the world with open arms and never abandon your faith !!!
“It sounds crazy, right? Why go through all this? What reason? We love this process, because it matures us for life, makes you understand your “I” better, makes you appreciate things that are simpler than pass in the eyes of society, shield you for the battles that life imposes on us, keep your feet Firm in this crazy world … BODYBUILDER LIFESTYLE !!!”


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