Roberto Casarotto: The Italian Father That’s Equally As Shredded As His Bodybuilder Son

Roberto Casarotto: The Italian Father That’s Equally As Shredded As His Bodybuilder Son

This bro is stacked and shredded at 51-years-old after beginning his fitness journey only 1 year ago! 
As you get older and get more serious in your career, it’s only natural to have less time to spend working out. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to become a fat motherf*cker!
One bro that has proven that it’s never too late to get into shape is Roberto Casarotto; he’s a 51-year-old father from Italy, and has sculpted a physique any bro in their 20’s would be proud-of.

Inspired By His Son

Roberto wasn’t always the shredded-brah he is now. In fact, only a year ago, the Italian sported what was considered as a ‘dad bod’.
So how did he get started? Well, his son ad been competing as a bodybuilder, and after seeing his transformation, Roberto set the goal of doing the same thing.
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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Roberto said: 

“My son inspired me to sculpt my body; he decided to compete, and I joined him. We have started to train very hard together, and we helped each other progress.
“When you start to see the change, you appreciate what you see in the mirror and this makes you feel good.
“Your physique changes radically; you can see change every month according to different training and diet routines.
“Having a good physique makes you feel better psychologically, which makes you have more energy and power.
“If you are unable to get your desired results, you are probably doing something wrong.  So, my suggestion is to speak with a coach, and most importantly, never give up.”

Placed 2nd in IFBB Competition

While Roberto states that he trains to improve his self-confidence, it’s not just for pure vanity that he pumps iron in the gym…
The 51-year-old has fully followed in his sons footsteps by entering bodybuilding competitions. And he’s performed pretty damn well too, especially considering he only started training 1 year ago.
In fact, his achievements include a 2nd place in the IFBB Notte Delle Stelle Men’s Physique Master 40 category.

Speaking about his transformation, Roberto said:

“Food plays an important role; my diet is different during the year. In any case, I have to keep my consumption of macronutrient carbohydrates under control, with the addition of protein and fats.
“For a bodybuilder, rice and chicken are the main base and you have to add al of the correct supplements.”
How impressive is Roberto Casarotto’s transformation? Give us your thoughts in the comments section👇

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