UK Bodybuilding Couple Face Jail After Fake Food Poisoning Claims On Holiday

UK Bodybuilding Couple Face Jail After Fake Food Poisoning Claims On Holiday

Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka almost enjoyed a HUGE £58,000 ($80,000) pay-out after a holiday to Turkey. 
There’s lots of things that give bodybuilding a bad name; synthol users, steroid abuse, egotistical *ssholes etc.
But one couple from the UK has given the media more reason to target the sport, after being found guilty of nearly conning their way to almost £60,000.

Guilty Verdict

We’ll start this section by asserting that bodybuilding, as a sport, has been unfairly targeted to simply add fuel to the fire. Neither of them are professional athletes, and we doubt the media would have labelled a similar story as ‘Sunday league footballers face jail’.
Anyway, this couple were warned that ‘they will be jailed to serve as a deterrent against a tsunami of false claims’.
In fairness, Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka both pulled out of their claims before they received a pay-out, and pleaded guilty to fraud. But you can see why the holiday company wants to cut-out this kind of BS before it starts becoming more frequent.

Here’s what Judge Jonathan Taaffe said in court:

“It is a real problem in Great Britain and has a real impact on the genuine persons who suffer that make genuine claims and put those who do suffer illness on holiday under suspicion.
“This offence is outside the sentencing guidelines because it encourages a tsunami of false claims.
“All options are open at this stage and this is a serious case and it may be that a custodial sentence will follow to show the importance of your wrongdoing.”

False Claims Costing Travel Industry Up To £240m

You might be surprised to hear how many people actually claim to have been ill during their holiday; the Daily Mail state that ‘there was a 500% increase in claims between 2013 and 2016’, which is quite a scary thought for the travel industry.
But interestingly, a recent survey showed that not many people were aware that false illness claims can result in a prison sentence:
The survey of 2,029 adults revealed that more than two-thirds (70 per cent) are unaware that making a false claim could result in a prison sentence in the UK or abroad.”
It’s a ‘no brainer’ for the travel industry to crack-down on this kind of BS. So it’s probably not a good idea to try BS’sing your way to some extra cash, bro.

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