Who had ever thought that one day Master Roshi would become a pro bodybuilder? 

Of course, it’s a joke, but the resemblance is the fact. Nhon Ly under the nickname of Master is a sponsored athlete at Scimera Biosciences.

What is more, he is still a competitive bodybuilder at 54. We all know that it is not the age for the retiree but telling the truth, year-by-year it will be harder for him to compete.

However, what we can’t do is to deny that his genetic is wonderful. Absolutely lean muscles, full shapes is what every gym visitor is aimed at.

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IG: @master_roshi_real_life

That’s why his achievement list is full of different honours. 

He was the fourth in the lightweight category on the US Championship 2011, the 7th on the US Championship 2012 and the 5th on the Nationals 2015.

IG: @master_roshi_real_life

After what he reached his the most wished trophy – the IFBB PRO card on the ’10 NPC San Diego Championships, lightweight. 

Going deeper into his biography he is the father of three children, 20, 13 and 12. He came to the United States from Vietnam in 1980 at the age of 16. Nhon Ly met his wife, Teri, at the nail salon where they both worked.

First being a manicurist Master grew into the Nail salon owner. 

He currently lives in San Diego. His weight is 154 contest and 170 off-season.

Master’s page on IG isn’t so popular (16,5k subs) what didn’t prevent him from being sponsored by Icon Muscle, Versa Gripps, Scimera-Bioscience. 

Hope that our Master will grow up a lot of Chinese BB stars which would raise the popularity of bodybuilding in Asia. We can’t miss and not point that his example is true to life. As I fairly believe Nhon Ly is the one who has to lead the fitness revolution on the East. 

IG: @master_roshi_real_life

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