Phil Heath on Retirement | See What Phil Has To Say [VIDEO]

Phil Heath on Retirement | See What Phil Has To Say

Phil Heath has spoken openly about retirement in a new video. He outlines his plans to become the all time Mr Olympia, bagging his eighth Olympia win, touching on his family and work life too.
Surprisingly, Phil says that he’s regularly thinking about retirement, and mentions plans to work on other stuff within bodybuilding when he’s done competition.
Given that the unbreakable Dexter Jackson has just come out and officially announced a torn bicep, it’s more obvious than ever that you can’t push your body so hard for so long.
And it’s been a pretty long road for Phil.

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Phil Heath Children

Phil is planning to get married and have more kids. He also says he’s interested in travelling without any bodybuilding commitments. He just might need to book 2 seats on the plane is all.
Love him or hate him, Phil does seem pretty switched on about his future goals and where he is going. Mind you, if we were worth 5 million and had money still coming in we’d have a pretty long list of goals too.
You can watch the video below:

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