Arnold Schwarzenegger “Good, but not great” in Latest Video

A couple of weeks back we posted about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent open heart surgery. What started as a routine procedure, turned into emergency heart surgery for the former Mr Olympia.
Understandably the fitness and bodybuilding community, and pretty much the entire world waited with baited breath. But news finally broke that the ex Governer of California was ‘Back’.
We thought everything was fine, as let’s be honest, who or what the hell could kill a terminator? It’s not like we’ve managed to create a man made of liquid metal yet.

Great is a totally different level

But sadly, in a recent video, where Arnold thanks fans from all over the world for well wishes, he’s not looking as strong as previously thought.
Here’s what he said;
‘Thank you so much for all your wishes and for all the cards and the phone calls and the emails and the texts and all this kind of stuff that I got from around the world. I really appreciate that very much and you’re very kind.’
Which is fine. He’s fine. But then he went on;
‘I just wanted you to know that I’m feeling much better. I can’t say – even with my positive attitude – that I’m great, because I’m not great yet. Great is a totally different level.’
This is what’s broken us in the offices at Spot Me Bro. This is the first time in living memory that we’ve heard Arnold even hint that he’s not at his absolute best. And it sucks.
We obviously know he’s going to be making a full recovery, but it doesn’t make hearing the news he’s still fighting the condition any easier to hear.
You can watch the full video below:


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