What Is The Ideal Male Body Women Dig ?

What Is The Ideal Male Body Women Dig ?

The age-old question all men want to know the answer to. Are our shoulders big enough, stomach too big, arms too thin and a stream of endless questions showcasing our insecurity when it comes to building the ideal physique women crave.  And whenever we do see a hottie glancing at us we immediately get an ego boost injection and start puffing out our chest. But it makes you wonder whether she is looking at you because she finds you attractive or she is repulsed by the huge “grotesque” muscles and your “gym-rat” douchebag” look.

That begs the question – what body type women find most attractive ? Do they want the shredded beast look or they just want us to have an athletic and fit body. Let’s delve into this matter in details since it is one of the many questions that weigh upon men’s minds and so that we can help them achieve their ideal physique and increase their success with the ladies.

This line of thinking can get a lot of heat from a lot of people, saying you shouldn’t be training for women and you should train for yourself. To each his own, I say. If you don’t train to look better for the ladies, that is your decision. Some people train to improve themselves both mentally and physically, get healthier and become stronger. And that’s perfectly fine. And if some women do come along, that’s a bonus. But, some people simply train to impress women. And that’s fine too.

Healthy-looking beats beast-looking

Every man that lifts weights wants to be a beast in his own relative perception of the word. Some men want to have the bodybuilder look but not so much that it scares people, whereas other men want to look monstrous and be built like the Hulk. And that’s bad news for those thinking that this body type will bring them, women. Here are some statistics:

90.3% of women say that they want a man that is health-conscious

74.6% of women want to date a man stronger than them

60.7% of women want to date a man that can protect them from physical danger

60.1% want the man they date to always look his best

58.5% of women want their man to have bigger arms than them

39% of them want their man to be muscular and strong

38% are satisfied with an average body

2.7% want him shredded and lean

Let that sink in for a while. Only 2.7% of women want men to be cut and jacked. Why is that? Well, women want a man who takes care of himself and his health and not one who is obsessed and self-absorbed about his looks.

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