Female Calisthenics Routine for Beginners

Female Calisthenics Routine for Beginners

No gym? No problem. It’s still totally possible to get in a great workout and build muscle without the use of weights. Especially with a well put together calisthenics workout.

The beauty of calisthenics is in it’s creativity and simplicity. All you need is your own bodyweight to complete the fundamental movements.

Then, it’s all about getting experimental. Challenging your body with different speeds, timings and pieces of equipment.

Your own bodyweight is typically your only load, but this restriction can be your biggest freedom. Workouts can be completed anywhere from the office to a park’s jungle gym.

So, it’s pretty handy for girls on the go. Plus, it’s a great alternative to sweating inside a dark gym when the sun is shining.

Functional Full Body Freedom

As calisthenics training uses many compound movements, the body becomes equally balanced in strength. This style of training helps to combat imbalances, keeping us healthier for longer.

Exercises such as handstands, levers and single leg squats also help to build a solid core. This is because many of these movements require full mastery of the mid-section to keep us balanced.

Rope climbs, bar hangs and pull-ups are also all great for developing grip strength, girls. So, throw this style of bodyweight training into your routine to quickly boost your functional fitness.

Building the Basics

But, like any kind of fitness field it’s easy to become lost in information. That’s why we’ve put together a short routine for beginners built on the basics.

Mastering the basics will be the key to your calisthenic success. Professional competitor Melanie Driessen says; “I always tell these people to start with the “basics” first. It is very important to first build a basic strength before you focus on the tricks.”

You should be able to find all the equipment needed for this routine quite easily. However, we’d recommend heading to a gym, park or even a dedicated calisthenic centre.

You will need:

– A bar to hang from
– A wall to lean on
– A bench to push from
– A lower bar to row from

The Female Calisthenics Routine for Beginners

Make sure you are well warmed up before heading into this routine. If in doubt, take a steady job for 5 minutes until you’re working at around 4 out of 10.

Then, slow down to a walk and complete a few dynamic stretches. The aim here is to get the body nice and loose, ready for action.

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