Paige Hathaway Workout and Diet

Paige Hathaway Workout and Diet

Since beginning her transformation journey in 2011; personal trainer, influencer, cover model and full time athlete Paige Hathaway has become a global sensation.

Her current following on Instagram is an amazing four million strong. The key to success Paige says, is by setting weekly goals. That and taking the time to appreciate the other wonderful improvements fitness brings into our lives.

Her journey is a true rags to riches success story. Having risen from the humblest of beginnings and surviving a particularly rocky childhood to get to her star status today.

The 26 year old says she never planned for a career in fitness. Well, not strategically anyway. It was only after deciding she wanted to transform her skinny body seven years ago she first hired a personal trainer.

This decision would change her entire future. As not long afterwards, she decided to completely take a wild jump out of her comfort zone and enter a bikini competition.

At this point Paige had decided she wanted to be a “strong fit woman”. Something she also empowers women all over the world to become today.

Train Like Paige

Here’s a workout inspired by the way Paige trains. As she undeniably a fan of advanced systems, we’ve included super sets, trisets and drop sets to get the most from every muscle.

For Superset 1, complete exercise 1a. and immediately follow it with 1b. with minimal rest. Then, once you have completed each set, rest for 60 seconds. Perform the triset in the same way, resting fully only after smashing set 2c.

When you’re ready to hit the drop set load the bar with a weight that challenges you for 12 clean reps. By the end of the third set, you should reach exhaustion.

At this point strip away small increments of weight (5-20%) and force out the last remaining reps. This gets every last ounce of work out of the muscle by offering a weight it can move but is still effective.

She Never Skips Leg Day

If you’re a fan of the cover model you’ll know her favorite workout is always legs. She’s not afraid of the day after DOMs and has the great shape to prove it.

So, in true Paige Hathaway fashion, we’ve put together a routine to specifically target the glutes, hamstrings, quads and lower legs. Here goes:

Warm Up

Exercise Reps Sets
Skip Rope 5mins 1
Air Squats 10 4
Leg Swings Front and Back 10 2
Leg Swings Side to Side 10 2
Dynamic Side Lunges 10 (Each Leg) 2

Full Lower Body Workout

Exercise Reps Sets Rest Training System
1a. Back Squat 12 3 Superset 1
1b. Forward Lunge 12 (6 each leg) 3 60secs Superset 1
2a. Leg Extension 10 3 Triset 1
2b. Leg Curl 10 3 Triset 1
2c. Kettlebell Swing 10 3 60secs Triset 1
3a. Glute Bridge 12 3 60-80secs Standard Hypertrophy
4a. Plyo Box Dumbbell Step Up 12, 12, 12 (failure), 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 3+ 60-80secs Drop Sets
Active Recovery

Exercise Duration Notes
Cross Trainer 5 mins Lower heart rate and keep a slow steady pace.
Stretch 5-10 mins Focus on each lower body muscle group for 30 seconds.


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