7 Triceps Training Tips & Strategies for Building Bigger Triceps

7 Triceps Training Tips & Strategies for Building Bigger Triceps

When you want to grow your triceps, there are two paths you can take. The first one is the classic ‘train longer and harder’ approach, where you just increase the volume and intensity of your workouts to boost the development of a muscle falling behind those around it. This trick will help you in the short run, but in the long run its positive effects are reduced and turned into negative ones, which means it’s not worth doing. The second path you can take is based in logic – you get a good look at your triceps and figure out that in order to grow it, you must grow all three heads simultaneously, but also all of them together. This will allow you to reach unprecedented size and growth in the long run.

Since a lot of people already stick with the first approach to this problem, we’ll be discussing the second one. The triceps is composed of three heads – the lateral, long and medial head. It’s important to know which is which and where they’re all located, but it’s absolutely crucial to know how to hit them correctly and put more weight on a specific triceps head than on the other ones. We’ll look at the long head of the triceps, which connects right over the shoulder joint, unlike the two other heads which don’t need to stretch to contract. The long head requires to stretch before it will contract, and for that to happen your arm has to be raised over your head. Here are seven tips that will get your triceps up to par.

#1. Train Your Triceps Twice Per Week

With a smaller muscle group such as the triceps, you can start by training it twice a week. Since the triceps recuperates incredibly quickly, you’ll need to wait up to three days before working on it again. If you haven’t increased the training frequency of your triceps in 6-8 weeks, this strategy will be fruitful in the end. Also, you should know that training your chest, shoulders and triceps on three consecutive days doesn’t count as the rest your triceps need because these are multijoint exercises which extend your elbows, meaning your triceps is still activated three days in a row, and you want to avoid that.

If you want to train your triceps twice per week, you shouldn’t plan to do shoulders or chest in the day before or after this workout. Also, if you want a rigorous workout, you might want to try working on your triceps more than twice per week, but if that happens, you want to vary your exercises. Make sure that your muscle fiber is hit in different places, from different angles. You can even take one of those triceps workouts and turn it into a triceps mass-building workout, focusing the other workouts on overhead exercises.

#2. Don’t Always Tack On Triceps After Delts Or Chest

After a chest or shoulder workout, your triceps will be exhausted, but you can solve this problem by just training them right after a large push-day workout to finish off the triceps. A lot of people follow this idea, but you can also do a day for just your arms as your second workout in the week. Your triceps won’t be exhausted, so you’ll be able to work on them with all your energy and focus, as well as heavier weights, which will bring in huge gains.

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